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+ other other On studying the ephemerality of 4chan by Memewario
+ other maps Internet history timeline by Memewario
+ trumpism screencaps The GET wall by Memewario
+ racialism amerimutt The Amerimutt wall and the paradox of studying the Alt-Right by Memewario
+ other maps A diagram of the vernacular web ecology by Memewario
+ other other Reactionary political subcultures frame by Memewario
+ trumpism other Breitbart's Facebook page by Memewario
+ antileft other Anti-Clinton memes by Memewario
+ other other YouTube as Alt-Right space by Memewario
+ antileft other r/HillaryForPrison by Memewario
+ trumpism other The Meme War on Reddit by Memewario
+ trumpism other r/TheDonald's vernacular language by Memewario
+ Network of commenters from selected subreddits by Memewario
+ conspiracy antileft The Pizaggate story by Memewario
+ Other Other 4chan memeboards and themeboards by Memewario
+ other other The international chanosphere by Memewario
Dive into the Deep Vernacular Web

"Taking the time to map—to accurately map—the repeated, fractured, reconfiguring mobilizations emerging from anonymous and pseudo-anonymous spaces online allows us to understand where we are and how we got here." (Philips, Beyer & Coleman)

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